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the Atlantic selects 53 photos from the more than 870,000 just released digitally by the New York City Municipal Archives. the above photo is captioned: A man reads a newspaper on New York’s 6th Ave. and 40th St., with the headline: “Nazi Army Now 75 Miles from Paris.” on May 18, 1940. the comments at the bottom are especially interesting.

we’re all reaching that age where our friends are pairing off and making their pairings permanent. one feeling I’ve had that I have yet to share out loud with my friends, especially those who are members of these pairings, is the feeling that some of my friends were meant to be with someone else. those relationships that seemed to fizzle and fade because one or the other was afraid to admit their feelings, one or the other claimed not to have romantic feelings, one or the other wasn’t ready to be in a relationship. these letters from Woody Allen to Diane Keaton leave me with the same sense of cosmic missed connection.

feeling a creatively blocked? unable to write, play, create, innovate? here’s some advice to promote creative thought and action. my favorite: 8. Be positive. ”Never forget that magic is an elusive force. Sometimes exasperating in its creation, it is generated by confidence and certainty. It takes swagger, madness, absurdity; it requires encouragement, irreverence, and positivity.” (John Hegarty)

an interesting collaboration between NPR and TED that discusses cheating, valuation, happiness, and why the brain is imperfect.

a fascinating glimpse into dating lessons for men who leave their Orthodox Jewish Communities. it might just incite you to be less dismissive when awkwardly approached on the subway or in a park. the only bad thing about this article: too short.

five important pieces of dating advice. my favorite: 1. If you have more than five dealbreakers, you’re the dealbreaker. (I like it mostly because it includes a 30 rock reference and, as a result of this first piece of advice, I realized that I have literally zero dealbreakers. maybe low standards should be a dealbreaker.)

I’ve always loved Margaret Atwood's The Handmaid's Tale, so when I saw this NY Times fiction piece she wrote, I was immediately sucked in. I love how she aligns current events with fantasy to weave a riveting story.

Overeducation is something Woody Allen seems to discern more often than the rest of us might. ‘I know so many people who are well-educated and super-educated,’ he told an interviewer for Time recently. ‘Their common problem is that they have no understanding and no wisdom; without that, their education can only take them so far.’ In other words they have problems with their ‘relationships,’ they have failed to ‘work through’ the material of their lives with a trained evaluator, they have yet to perfect the quality of their emotional consumption. Wisdom is hard to find. Happiness takes research. The message that large numbers of people are getting from Manhattan and Interiors and Annie Hall is that this kind of emotional shopping around is the proper business of life’s better students, that adolescence can now extend to middle age.
Joan Didion in Letter from ‘Manhattan’ 

Woody Allen has only attended the Oscars once, in 2002.