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ready? here goes: 

buy this album. you’ll tap your toes to the airy, effortless rhythms, hum along with the sweet melodies, and smile. sitting at work, unable to make itunes purchases? listen here until you get home, then take the plunge. trust me.

this weekend I killed hours lost down a rabbit-hole of articles about the kennedys, starting with this one. the take away: don’t feel bad that a small part of you would like to be a kennedy. yes, you would have a thrilling and iconic and lavish life. unfortunately, you don’t have a severe personality disorder, you’re not prone to outrageous and eccentric behavior, and you plan on living a long, long life, so you’d never fit in.

guilt and blame. we’ve all been there.

the first indication that I was in the country: on my drive into town, I passed a stand for honor-system eggs, wood, and fertilizer. I stopped, excited that I was finally in a place where trust has some cashe. apparently, I’m not the only one.

an article about paper clips

how well do you use your time? here’s a captivating keynote about the intersection of time and design

love exoneration stories. always. 

someone found what appear to be lungs on the sidewalk in LA. one more reason to never move to LA. 

at fourteen years old, this kid is the youngest person to achieve nuclear fission. what have you been doing with your life?

this guy gets paid to stand alongside your bed during sex and provide tips, tricks, advice, and general coaching. the end.

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Washington Post uncovers the cases associated with FBI investigations into suspect forensic work. shocking. last week, I included a video about forensic DNA. today, here’s an article about fingerprints. also, how to improve eyewitness testimony. what can you do with all this information? well, maybe you’ll find it informative if you’re ever a juror for a murder trial.

2012 Pulitzer Prize Winners and Finalists. also, FAQs of the history of the Pulitzer Prize.

the last time I had my eyebrows threaded, the woman asserted that I’d also like my upper lip threaded. when I declined, she asked, “are you sure?” at least I know I’m not the only one being bullied at my threading salon.

I love connecting science to decidedly unscientific fields. today: using physics to tune instruments. speaking of music, the Atlantic addresses the origins of music.

connecting artists to consumers and facilitating exchanges that are more akin to barter than purchase, Art Barter brings art acquisition to a wider audience. “Picasso and Modigliani were famous for trading paintings for meals, the Chelsea Hotel accepted art as rent, and Andy Warhol traded his talent for a video camera.”

while chatting about job hunting with my mom, she slipped this little piece of business etiquette advice into my inbox. we may be contemporary, forgoing stockings and the like, but we should still observe the five rules that still matter

days spent on blankets in the sun, hoping to bronze or vitamin D-starved skin may be the norm, but for those days that are bluer than they are luminous, ten things to do when you’re feeling hopeless. my favorite tip — “Listen to kids talk about what they care about: Kids are hopeless. By that I mean that, until their parents, peers and the education system brainwash them to start planning and hoping for their future, and living inside their heads, they live in the present, without hope. By listening to them we can relearn what it means to live without the need to hope, to just accept and be.”

can you increase your intelligence by training your brain? there is some evidence to indicate that, yes, you can, at least when it comes to fluid intelligence — problem solving, learning, reasoning, etc. hint: games of the sort discussed in this article, called n-back games, are available on your iphones!

I have a habit of giggling at exactly the wrong moment and that this trait has helped me to avoid several traffic tickets. instead of inappropriate reactions, this physicist used a mathematical proof to escape the penalty for his ticket.  

a blood test to diagnose depression. what will they think of next?

the real MILF island? this one isn’t much like the one envisioned on 30 Rock. (it’s in the Phillippines and MILF stands for Moro Islamic Liberation Front, an armed rebel group.)

fun iphone apps I bought and loved this week: NightCap (take better pictures in dark conditions); Night Sky (find constellations — so cool!).

of interest [to the environment].

bet you didn’t know ellen and portia eat vegan. now ellen has a new vegan pet food. to be fair, I have no pets and am not really all that interested in falling into the vast abyss that is The Ethics of Pet Care. It is my understanding that dogs are biologically designed to eat both meats and plants (and can, I believe, go either way), while cats are biologically designed to eat meats only (though obviously cat foods contain products other than meats). It is also my understanding that the real concerns with pet food are not necessarily factory farming but rather the quality of the meat we currently feed to pets (think animals found dead on the side of the road). 

if you’re interested in cutting back a bit on consumption, here’s a list of things that are ok to buy used (hint: not undies). 

one of the most common reasons for eating meat is protein consumption, but here’s an article about how it is possible to be an athlete as well as a vegetarian. you can even be a vegan body builder.

one of the soundest arguments for adopting vegetarianism (or adapting your current diet to be more veg/local/seasonal friendly) is the significant effects of factory farming and shipping of foods on the environment. if that argument appeals to you, you may want to check out this little global warming map, which details the record-breaking temperatures of March 2012. Obviously this map doesn’t directly connect the effects of eating a steak to damage to the environment, but it’s all interrelated. 

a list of the country’s most and least walkable cities and neighborhoods. see where your city stands.

finally, an article about the abuse of science, the use of herbal remedies, and the importance of doing your research before blindly following the crowd.

of interest.

seven people who gave up on civilization to live in the wild.

Kerry Max Cook was wrongfully held on death row in Texas for sixteen years (the years Cook spent in prison totaled twenty two). even after his release, he was not quite free, and, to this day, seeks justice.

can depression be good for you?

George Orwell | Politics and the English Language, 1946

the Hebrew University of Jeruselum and California Institute of Technology are working jointly to digitize the over eighty thousand records held at the Albert Einstein Archives the two universities. the project began on March 19, 2012 with two thousand documents, ranging from manuscripts to diaries to letters.

for those of you who are still hoping that Amelia Earhart will be found alive, she would have turned 128 this July. you might have better luck simply hoping for the discovery of Earhart’s aircraft and likely crash site.

Steinbeck passes along writing tips. on the other hand, “If there is a magic in story writing, and I am convinced there is, no one has ever been able to reduce it to a recipe that can be passed from one person to another.”

good news for some of us: it’s ok to be an introvert. though you my make up a minority of the population, your introversion is something to cultivate, not something to obscure. for others: tips on caring for your introvert.

you might consider purchasing Jonah Lehrer’s new book, or at least reading a bit about how to be creative.