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ready? here goes: 

buy this album. you’ll tap your toes to the airy, effortless rhythms, hum along with the sweet melodies, and smile. sitting at work, unable to make itunes purchases? listen here until you get home, then take the plunge. trust me.

this weekend I killed hours lost down a rabbit-hole of articles about the kennedys, starting with this one. the take away: don’t feel bad that a small part of you would like to be a kennedy. yes, you would have a thrilling and iconic and lavish life. unfortunately, you don’t have a severe personality disorder, you’re not prone to outrageous and eccentric behavior, and you plan on living a long, long life, so you’d never fit in.

guilt and blame. we’ve all been there.

the first indication that I was in the country: on my drive into town, I passed a stand for honor-system eggs, wood, and fertilizer. I stopped, excited that I was finally in a place where trust has some cashe. apparently, I’m not the only one.

an article about paper clips

how well do you use your time? here’s a captivating keynote about the intersection of time and design

love exoneration stories. always. 

someone found what appear to be lungs on the sidewalk in LA. one more reason to never move to LA. 

at fourteen years old, this kid is the youngest person to achieve nuclear fission. what have you been doing with your life?

this guy gets paid to stand alongside your bed during sex and provide tips, tricks, advice, and general coaching. the end.