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ah things have been so busy around here, that I’ve barely been checking in. in the past few weeks I: ran two half marathons, fell in love like a million times, reconsidered my career trajectory, and put my feet in the sand. it went from winter to spring, back to winter briefly, and now I’m pretty sure it’s mid-july. that’s the summary.

I miss you guys! what’s been going on? tell me some stories, ask me some questions, make the end of my very long thursday more fun!

hello lovelies — I’m taking a half/possibly full day off of work today to help a friend with some musician-y things, so instead of my usual at the office social media quota, I’m hanging in a cafe with an almond milk latte (if you’re in new york and you prefer non-dairy, non-soy lattes, I have a running mental list of coffee shops with almond milk), listening danielle’s growing-up-indie playlist on spotify, and walking the line between hipster and homeless-looking. oh, and being all network-y and music-ish and stuff.

how are you all doing on this freezing cold and but intensely sunny spring day? tell me things! talk to me!

hey friends, how’s it going?

I attended a particularly difficult yoga class last night and walking up stairs today has been a bit of a chore. it doesn’t matter how often I go to yoga class (like, every day), my body still finds new muscles to work, new ways to move, and new places to be sore.

what have you been up to? anything new/exciting/fun/different?

hey friends — how is your friday going?

after catching either a bad cold or the flu earlier this week, I almost died, but after sleeping for approximately 48 hours straight, I’m feeling much better. I made an enormous banana/kale/honey/chia seed/peanut butter smoothie, so today is great, and I’m sure by tomorrow I’ll be almost cured.

today is a slow day because at least 30% of our office is out with some variation of whatever I have, so… ask me some questions, tell me some stories, give me some advice, help me to pass the hours until the weekend!

okay, you are hosting a dinner party. what would you serve and who would you invite [there is only seating for 5 guests not including you] — Asked by aseriesofentanglements

first I’m going to tell you about possibly the best dinner party I ever attended, because I’d replicate that kind of comfortable, uncomplicated, unmitigated happiness every single time.

it was june, I think. a weekday. I went to a yoga class in the afternoon and then walked around town for a while. I was wandering through some store (urban outfitters?) when I received a text message from a friend asking if I wanted to grab a drink. I’m pretty sure I looked exactly like someone who should go home and take a shower: yoga shorts and a tee-shirt soaked with yoga sweat. I hesitated, but I knew my friend wouldn’t care, and it was just one drink, and it was so, so beautiful out, so I went.

while we were chatting and drinking, he mentioned that his friend was cooking for a few people, and had extended the invitation to me, too. I hesitated again because, well, I looked slightly like a homeless person. but I went.

we each grabbed a bottle of wine on the way.

eventually there were six people sitting shoulder-to-shoulder around a table in this tiny manhattan living room. I don’t remember all the details of the food (some kind of shellfish, bread, probably a vegetable, definitely wine) because, although I recall the meal being the best I’d eaten in at least a year (including restaurants), the focus of the entire evening was distinctly aimed at enjoying friends.

it was just one of those nights where everyone seems so giddy and carefree. maybe it was the weather. maybe it was the season. maybe it was the group assembled in that small space. I really barely knew anyone, but I don’t remember ever feeling more welcome and at ease than I did that night.

you know the difference between visiting a best friend and visiting an acquaintance? with your best friend, every moment is effortless, never stilted or contrived, awkward or uncomfortable. that’s how this night felt. with people I really didn’t know at all.

the ebb and flow of conversation was so perfect, it could have been scripted. there were moments when I sat quietly and just listened and let myself feel good. there was so, so much laughter, love, joy.

if I knew how to create that feeling, that would be the goal of every detail of my dinner party.

that said, I’d select dishes that are unfussy and typically served family style, because I think that creates a sense of simplicity and interconnectedness.

I’d make more than enough, so everyone could leave feeling full.

I’d use glass plates because that tends to evoke a feeling of being at home.

I’d open plenty of bottles of wine because conversation and kindness tend to parallel wine consumption at dinner parties.

I’d make sure my apartment felt lived-in, because an immaculate space tends to feel stodgy.

I’d invite my closest friends from different friend-groups, because there may be nothing in the entire world that is better than bringing together and introducing all the people I love.

[what do you think about that answer?]

today — every day — is for studying, but I’d welcome a little distraction. ask away!