hey kids — guess what! today, in what was a pretty incredible moment (four hours) of procrastination, I went through every single post I’ve liked here and shifted anything apartment-related to an entirely new space.

see, I figure at some point in my life (within the next two months) I’ll be moving into an apartment that will not be merely a stepping stone. I won’t have any specific plans to move to a new block, city, country in the foreseeable future.

in addition, as I was packing to move myself here, I realized that at some point (soon) it might be time to begin replacing my ikea couch/table/desk/life with items that are a bit more… adult. or at least with things I’ve selected because I’m in love, not because they most cost-effectively solve my sitting/studying/living needs. (my bed is from ikea and is the most comfortable bed ever to exist, so I’m keeping that until the entire thing crumbles to dust and blows away.)

I’ve been making notes for my future living space, so now I’m going to officially store those notes here. it’s mostly just things that are pleasantly colored or arranged in an aesthetically pleasing way. and a few pieces of art, because I’ll need something to hang on the walls. there are also a few quotes because I intend to cover some part of some wall with chalkboard paint and fill it with words.

[be prepared: I have practically zero style. when I was a kid, I had to ask my dad if my outfits matched. my dad.]