[thoughts I have while running.]

it’s difficult sometimes to find the line between using the expansive lexical offerings of our language to accurately and precisely convey each specific idea and pretension, isn’t it?

I tend to find words by feeling their contours to determine which best represents my particular thoughts. my hands know the words before my mind does; they form shapes in the air until the correct word has been discovered.

when I turn my palm up to the ceiling, some words are flat and will sit nicely as I stretch my fingers outward widely.

other words are best held by fingers that curve around them, protecting and enclosing.

words that attempt to escape might find themselves clenched beneath fingernails that press into the fleshy space on my hand just beneath my palm.

some ideas are so large that they require two hands — fingers that move along and smooth their exterior, outlining their invisible shape in the air.

when I write, I often pull my left hand off to the side so it can catch and hold the words, sorting through to find the most proper among them, before coming back to tap its letters across the keyboard and onto the page.

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