my favorite vegetarian recipes

I began making this list for a friend who is considering going mostly veg for the summer. a fine decision! of course, the occasional hamburger, bacon wrapped scallop, or pulled pork sandwich is a necessity, but when it’s crazy hot outside, focusing on veg-only recipes can really simplify things in the kitchen. here are a few of my favs, mixed in with a healthy dose of I plan to cook that…. eventually recipes:


vegan overnight oats parfaits

cold-brew coffee (obviously coffee is always vegetarian, but I figured I should include this as a companion summer breakfast beverage to your overnight oats parfaits)

super crazy easy individual serving banana pancakes

pisto manchego with eggs


hazelnut + chard + ravioli salad (I’ve made this with pierogis, whatever tough green was available at the grocery store, whatever nuts I had on hand, and sweet potatoes instead of butternut squash)

caramelized tofu + brussels sprouts (I made this for a friend who was, at the time, decidedly an omnivore, and she now asks me to cook it a few times a year. it’s simple, quick, and requires few ingredients, all features I look for in recipes.)

stir-fried snow peas with soba (I’m going to give you a tip here: just follow the recipe. I have a habit of substituting ingredients without pause, but this one really requires that you just use the ingredients indicated in the recipe. of course, you can replace snow peas with most any other veg, and even add more veggies, but don’t pretend you’re better than this peanut sauce recipe, because you’re not.)

ten-minute asparagus and brown rice

lemony chickpea stir fry

umbrian lentils + olive oil eggs

black bean + butternut squash burritos

quinoa chili

fontina + blackberry basil smash grilled cheese sandwiches


roasted corn with manchego + lime

balsamic glazed potatoes + brussels sprouts

brussels sprouts with avocado + lime (recipe calls for bacon; just leave it out. or not.)

brussels sprouts with sriracha + honey + lime glaze

brussels sprouts with white beans + pecorino (it’s pretty clear by now that I have a thing for brussels sprouts. get on board.)

great veg recipe websites:

oh she glows
chocolate covered katie

finally, my very favorite easy, filling, healthy recipe:

sweet potato
black beans (I use canned)
cottage cheese or plain yogurt
parmesan cheese

cook sweet potato (I typically cook mine in the microwave), quinoa, and black beans (I usually use canned, so they’re pre-cooked). mash the sweet potato (unless you don’t want it mashed). put as much or little of each as you’d like into a bowl. top with arugula, then cottage cheese, then parm.

[this may be the greatest recipe ever created. it’s incredibly easy, and you can cook the relevant ingredients ahead of time so it’ll be ready when you walk in the door. eat cool in the summer or hot in the winter. it’s pretty, nutritious, and simple.]

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